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Claire Goulding - Massage and Aromatherapy

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Over the last 10 years I have been developing my massage and aromatherapy practice, drawing from different disciplines and honing my skills in these areas. I strive to offer treatments that are attentive, responsive and caring. We’ll go through a consultation in your first session, (an informal and confidential chat about your health and medical history) so I can ensure you get the treatment that you want, adapting my technique to offer more or less pressure for example.

I continue to learn and develop my practice through attending CPD courses regularly. 


I offer the following therapies:



A combination of Swedish massage techniques, gentle rhythmic stretching and pressure either as a full body treatment or bespoke to your needs on the day. This therapy is designed to stimulate relaxation and release tension from sore muscles and joints.



With a strong passion for herbal medicine and making - I use my own handcrafted herbal infused oils in my aromatherapy treatments and create bespoke therapeutic blends tailored to your needs. Aromatherapy can be very beneficial for restoring the nervous system, soothing, uplifting and boosting the immune system.



This treatment works on the feet and lower legs through relaxing massage techniques. Areas of the feet correspond with different parts of the body. Immensely relaxing, it can help enable the body to re-balance and restore for better health.

Indian head massage

This treatment focuses on around your head, scalp, face, neck, shoulders and upper back. An energising, invigorating and rejuvenating treatment. The massage is seated and works through loose clothing.



I offer a sliding scale to make my treatments accessible as possible from £35 - £50 depending on the treatment, the location and your personal circumstances.


I also offer 10% discount for all NHS staff and ‘refer a friend’ schemes.


Please get in touch to chat through anything mentioned. I look forward to hearing from you!



Tel: 07796172708

Facebook: @clairegouldingmassage

Instagram: @clairegoulding_massagetherapy 

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