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Beginner's Course - This is a 6 week course that walks you through the basics in a friendly and informative atmosphere. Ideal for those who prefer a shorter class and the opportunity to learn alongside other brand new starters, suitable for all ages and abilities (always check with your GP or medical professional before commencing yoga classes, where there is any doubt). Please email us for details of the next courses.

General will be a mixed group - beginners are welcome as well as those with experience -the teacher may introduce some trickier postures, giving alternatives where necessary. 

1.5 hour Intermediate classes are for people with a year's experience of Iyengar Yoga. You do not need to be a master yogi to attend these classes, but you should be familiar with the basics of Iyengar Yoga and ready to explore some intermediate poses. Having an injury or health condition is not a barrier to attending Intermediate classes and your teacher will work with you to help you gain an understanding of the proper way to work sensibly with your challenges. You should be be able to hold a steady sarvangasana shoulder stand for 5 minutes and be familiar with the set up for sarvangasana in an Iyengar class, before attending intermediate. 

2 Hour Intermediate classes are for those with an established practice of Iyengar Yoga. You should be competent at practicing shoulderstand  and ready to learn headstand (or your alternatives where not suitable because of health condition or injury) with a good understanding of the Iyengar method. 

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