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AIYI workshop with Devki Desai 

The AIYI (Avon Iyengar Yoga Institute) is a local organisation for practitioners and teachers of Iyengar Yoga run by the members, for the members. We have invited Devki Desai from RIMYI in Pune to Bristol to teach a full day workshop at Yogawest in Bishopston as part of her upcoming UK tour. Devki's busy classes are dynamic and engaging and it's a real opportunity for us to experience a flavour of the Pune teaching, right here in Bristol.

The workshop is open to regular students of Iyengar Yoga (minimum 1 year's experience advised). We would strongly encourage you to join the AIYI at the same time as booking the workshop - the membership fee is £20, but it'll save you £25 on the full day workshop cost, so it's a no brainer really AND you'll get similar discounts from future workshops too.

Devki, a direct disciple of BKS, Prashant, and Geeta Iyengar, embarked on her study of Iyengar Yoga in 1984 and began teaching in 1995 at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in Pune, India. Currently teaching General Classes, Ladies Classes, Children’s Classes, and assisting in Medical and Pranayama Classes, Devki is one of the few teachers trusted to teach the Advanced Class at the Institute. She has travelled worldwide to assist BKS and Geeta Iyengar in classes and conventions, and since 2008 she has toured on her own teaching in the UK, Phillipines, Canada and the US.

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