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Gold Rose Therapies

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‘The deeply relaxed feeling I had lasted hours after Laura Lambell's acupressure.. I was unsure of what to expect, having never had one before, but Laura gave an informative introduction before taking my mind out of my hectic day and into a calm and safe space for the duration. I was really surprised how swiftly I fell into a fully relaxed state. Her various techniques are crafted into what felt more like a holistic massage... I couldn't recommend it highly enough.’ Amy, Bristol 

‘My acupressure session with Laura was very relaxed. I especially appreciated how she explained and checked that everything she would do; touch, smell, sound etc was all covered, specifics are super important to us Auties. Laura gave me the space to explain what is/isn’t ok for me and really listened to what would work for me and made me feel comfortable and safe. After the treatment I felt very relaxed and my mind felt unusually calm. Really great treatment .’ Sarah, Bristol 

Laura’s interest in health and wellbeing started with an emergency operation she had in her teens. Following which she had a string of health issues, from PCO to digestive issues and backaches, and then ultimately anxiety. Laura has taken her own journey back to health - whole sustainable health. Now her mission is to be of service to others, to help them on their journey toward holistic health. Laura’s treatments focus on rebalancing, reengergising, and recharging the individual. Her wish is to create a safe, healling, and nurturing complete experience. For which her abundant testimonials demonstrate. She aims to reawaken the senses, through a combination of home made herbal infusion, tuning forks, aromatherapy oils, acupressure, massage, and chocolate! A session with Laura is a real treat to all the senses, and she also follows up with sending tailored acupressure points, to enable her clients to continue the positive changes in their own time. Laura believes we all need empowering to reclaim our own, very individual, health and wellbeing. She is keen to impart any tools/knowledge she has gained in her years of learning to anyone on a healing journey, or anyone just wanting to maintain good health and balance. 

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