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Lara White - Massage

Lara White Massage.jpg

Intuitive, nurturing touch to release tension and nourish the body & soul​.

Lara is a qualified, insured and experienced Deep Tissue Massage therapist, which is perfect if you feel knotted, tense or tired. She works intuitively to find and release areas of tension, leaving you feeling relaxed, lighter, longer, more spacious and free.

Lara’s touch is thorough, nourishing and caring; and each treatment is totally unique and tailor-made to your needs. So if you just want to restore your senses and be taken care of, take time out and give yourself this gift!

She generally works with oils on a massage table, however she can also work on a futon with clients fully clothed if preferred.


“Lara has a deeply intuitive touch, and creates a powerful and healing holding space. She tunes in sensitively and holistically... not only to what the body may need, but what the emotions and person may need.” (Sophie, Bristol)

“I honestly felt brilliant after Lara’s massage...for ages. It felt like spaces had opened up in that stiff part of my neck. She has an extremely intuitive and respectful touch, and the imprint of that goes very deep and permeates beyond the body.” (Emma, London)

A 1 hour session costs £45 and a 1.5hr £60

07806 285 992

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