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Lucy O’Keefe - Deep Tissue and Sports Massage Therapist


An experienced Massage Therapist drawing from many years experience

and varying techniques to deliver a specially tailored treatment.








About My Massage

Everyone is different and leads varied lives. This is why I always aim to give the most effective massage for you. I will spend some time with you at the beginning of the session to talk through any aches and pains you have, and create the best treatment plan for you based on your concerns. If you don’t have any physical ailments, a massage can be a great way helping you to relax and clear away the weeks stresses


Predominantly my style is myofascial, working slowly, with sustained stretches and holds, waiting for the tissues melt, this also allows me to go deeper without it being uncomfortable. I also use soft tissue release techniques, pinning a muscle and stretching away from it’s direction of force to release tight areas and improving strength and flexibility. My massage will help to realign and replenish tissues, allowing them to function more effectively for you and ease discomfort that you may be experiencing.


I have been working for many years as a therapist, dedicating my time to continual development through courses, and practice. This has given me my own individual style that will help to heal and relax. So if you’re feeling a little achy and deflated, why not get in contact, and we can work together to get you feeling great again.














“Lucy is great, I regularly go to her now. She knows where your pain is, often without telling her. The only downside is she's super popular so book ahead!” - Samantha


“Lucy concentrated on what I was telling her and has started treating the area of concern with immediate results. I have had two treatments so far and already feel much better.” - Louise


“Lucy is so welcoming and friendly. Must say best massage I have ever had” - Paul


“Really nice and professional. Overall great massage and lucy went over a bit of stretches I can do at home which was so useful” - Mark




Swedish/Deep Tissue Massage

30 Minutes                                                                      £28

1 Hour                                                                                £45

1 Hour 30 Minute                                                           £60


Sports and Remedial Massage


30 minutes                                                                         £30


45 Minutes                                                                         £45


1 Hour                                                                                  £50


Initial Appointment (1 Hour 15 Minutes)                      £50



Phone                                                                     07842 154607




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