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How do online classes work?

This is a live class where you and the teacher can see each other in action.  You will need to set up a laptop or tablet (ideally) or smartphone if that's your only option - in a position that enables the teacher to see you on your mat * see further info below. It is a good idea to do a 'dummy run' to find a place at home that works for this and to check your camera positioning in advance of your first class. You'll need to gather your yoga mat and any other equipment you have - don't forget that folded towels and blankets from home are often just as good as specialist yoga props, but you may wish to consider buying some foam blocks and a couple of bricks (feel free to email for advice on this). We will aim to let you know in advance of the class what equipment to gather, but we will try to keep equipment requirements to an absolute minimum. Bear in mind that it would be a good idea to have your laptop or other device fully charged beforehand, if it can't be plugged in in-situ- mobiles especially can deplete battery life quite fast for this kind of use (it will help if you reduce screen brightness).  To prepare, it may be useful to go to and click 'host a meeting' with video - once the camera is launched you will be able to see what your teacher is going to be viewing and you can arrange the practice space accordingly. 


Please don't leave booking to the last minute, as it can take a little time to get everything sorted, especially the first time. To join the class you'll need 2 things: 1) To book (on the website, or via Move GB or via email if you have a physical card we need to stamp) 


Zoom is free for the end user. You do NOT need to preinstall Zoom (or pay for a subscription, it is only the host that needs this) as you'll get a prompt to do this once you input the code (and it'll save any confusion about which version to use) it's VERY simple  (see video below).You will need to 'arrive' for class 5 or 10 minutes before start time so that you and the teacher can get any technical issues sorted out for a prompt start. Below is a video that gives you an idea of the set-up. If you are particularly bashful, you can opt to turn your video off, but we do encourage you to keep it on so that the teacher can keep an eye on how everyone is doing and respond appropriately. It is likely that the teacher will turn your audio off during the teaching to avoid issues with feedback and time lag. We will all be learning together and will aim to keep it as simple as possible until we all get used to this new but necessary set up. Please say YES to launching Zoom and YES to joining with audio / video.

How to position your device *


Where possible please can you set up your camera, facing it 'head on' so that you can see the teacher and the teacher can see you, just as you would in a studio class. It's much better to have the camera a little further away and ideally up on a height - shelf / stool / chair or even a stool ON a table / bed and angled so that the teacher can see the whole of you and your mat. Try to avoid putting it at floor level / really close up as we can't see much like that. For evening classes, good lighting really helps. If you are in a very limited space, you can only do what you can do, so please don't worry too much.

How much do online classes cost?

The classes have been set up on a variable donation basis. As you are no doubt aware, yoga studios and self employed yoga teachers are facing a sudden dramatic loss of income and we know that many of you are wishing to offer your support at this difficult time (Thank you!) We are also aware that some of you are in a similar position, so you can choose to pay the amount that you can afford. The full cost of a 1.5 hour class is £10 (£12.50 for the 2 hour) but you can opt to take a discount of 20 or 50% according to your circumstances, by using coupon code CONCS 20 or CONCS 50 when you book. You can also use a credit from an online class package that you have already purchased. Book here.Those who have yoga cards can pay with a stamp as usual, but you'll need to book via email. We have now uploaded online booking option to Move GB. Once you have booked, you'll receieve an automatic booking confirmation, which will contain your Zoom code and password. Click on the code directly from the email and say 'yes' to joing with video, 'yes' to audio if asked and 'launch Zoom'.

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