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Paloma Sparrow - Acupuncture and Holistic Massage

I have been practising traditional acupuncture and holistic massage for over 15 years and have experience of treating a wide range of problems and people of all ages. I offer acupuncture and massage generally as separate treatments, though in some cases massage can be an addition to an acupuncture treatment.


Traditional Acupuncture is acupuncture with the basis and perspective of Chinese medicine - as opposed to just putting needles in certain areas to release muscle tension (this is called dry needling). Because the focus is on identifying and addressing the imbalance underlying a problem and treating that, as well as the symptoms, it can be of help in a wide variety of problems, encompassing both the physical and mental/ emotional dimensions.

Holistic Massage is massage that is very much shaped to and responsive to your needs and wishes at a particular time. People come for massage to relieve a particular physical problem, or to enhance well-being, reduce stress and benefit from the healing qualities of touch. I work with Swedish massage, and where appropriate can also incorporate acupressure (which works with the meridians and acupuncture points of Chinese medicine) and also postural awareness, where this may be an underlying cause of physical problems.

Pregnancy and Birth Preparation


Traditional acupuncture and holistic massage offer a wealth of different ways tools to support health and well-being during pregnancy and prepare for birth. 


Acupuncture can be effective for many of the problems of pregnancy, can help prepare the body for birth, reduce the time spent in labour and promote optimal positioning of the baby in cases of posterior or breech presentation. Weekly acupuncture treatments from around 37 weeks, directed to prepare the body for labour have been shown to lead to shorter labours and reduced likelihood of induction, epidural and emergency caesareans.  Chinese Medicine has valuable advice to support the health of mother and baby. 


Massage can be help alleviate discomforts of pregnancy, support your own well-being and provide a space to adjust to the changes of pregnancy. The focus of bodywork will change with the physical changes and the woman's differing needs over the different trimesters of pregnancy. A pregnancy massage may include some work with posture and alignment, and after-care exercises to strengthen the abdominal and pelvic floor, in order to prevent some of the problems that can occur in the later stages of pregnancy from developing, or address problems that are already present.


Acupressure is an effective tool to reduce pain, stimulate and regulate contractions and calm anxiety in labour. It requires no massage skills or prior knowledge, is easy to learn, can be used in any birthing enviornment and allows the partner or support person to have a useful role. I offer a session with you and your birth partner teaching all you need to know to use acupressure effectively in labour. You will receive a booklet with the point locations and their uses.


Acupuncture: 1st session 1.5 hours: £55                   Follow-up sessions 50 minutes: £43


Massage:         1 hour: £43                  1.5 hours: £55                 2 hours: £75


Pregnancy massage:

1st appointment: 1.5 hours: £55                   Follow-up appointments: 1 hour: £45

Pregnancy Massage tuition session:

1.5 hours: £60

Acupressure for labour tuition session:

1.5 hours: £60

For more info or to make a booking, contact Paloma on 07528 374 002 or email

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