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Samantha Jenkins - Sports and Soft Tissue Massage

What is Sports Massage?

Sports Massage is the manipulation and stretching of muscle and connective tissue, which enhances body functions such as movement and performance.

Through frequent or intense training, everyday use leading to general stiffness, inefficient and incorrect use of the body, postural imbalances or previous injury and trauma, muscles can become congested. The symptoms of this are tight, tender, weak or painful muscles. Sports Massage can help to combat these symptoms and improve the condition of your muscles.

Sports massage also increases lymphatic drainage and improves circulation, making it a suitable treatment for everyone, not just for sporting individuals!

Regular treatments will help your body to function optimally, leaving you pain free and able to get on with your everyday activities.

As well as being a qualified Sports Massage Therapist, I also have a first class honours degree in Sports and Exercise Science and Health, meaning I have a sound understanding of how the body works and what steps are needed to recover from an injury or niggles you might be experiencing.

For your first appointment, I will assist you to fill out a detailed medical and lifestyle questionnaire to ensure I have a complete understanding of your medical background and current health status. From here, I will observe your posture in order for me to acquire information about your body and how it moves. This is also a baseline measurement, if posture is something you are keen to correct using massage techniques.

Then it is time for a massage! Please be assured that the massage will be adapted to suit your individual needs, so do not be afraid to tell me if you prefer softer or harder techniques throughout the massage, this is your massage and I want you to enjoy it as much as possible!

After the massage has ended, I will advise you on home and aftercare advice to ensure you achieve the best possible outcome from your treatment. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask 


Treatment Options



*The lotion I use is enriched with Aloe Vera, Camomile, Vitamin E and Allantoin, and is dermatologically tested, ensuring it is hypoallergenic and extremely kind to skin. (Vegetarian and Vegan friendlyJ)

Individual massage sessions are inclusive of a consultation and postural assessment prior to massage.

60 minutes                                                                                                             £40

Recommended for deep tissue or sports massage on one or more area


45 minutes                                                                                                             £35

Recommended for one specific area of deep tissue or sports massage


30 minutes                                                                                                             £30

Maintenance treatment / post event massage



Kinesiology Taping / Sports Taping

Kinesiology tape* assists to decrease pain, reduce swelling and bruising and provides functional support while allowing full range of movement. It is also water resistant and can be worn up to five days.

*Please note that I use Rock Tape which contains a hypoallergenic adhesive. If you have sensitivities to adhesives, please do not hesitate to contact me prior to treatment for a patch test. THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT CONTAIN ZINC OXIDE OR LATEX.

Kinesiology initial assessment for injury / posture                               £20

with taping    (One area / injury)            

Two areas / injuries                                                                                    £30   


Re-tape (per area / injury)                                                                       £10

You  can contact me on 07572 818360 or message me on Facebook

You can view all of my accredited qualifications on the Register of Exercise Professionals webpage.

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