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Day 7 Children's Class

Got up at the crack of dawn to go and video the kids but had got to bed before 1am so it was almost a lie in! The birdlife was vibrant as we walked through the park and I stopped and watched a group of what I think were juvenile lorikeets play in the sunshine high up in the treetops.

The kids classes were well attended and very fast moving and the teachers' maintained a strict discipline throughout the classes, which is culturally normal but quite different to how we relate to children these days in the UK. There was a relay team of 2 or 3 teachers in each class so that each one would teach a slot before the next would take over - a good way to ensure that their pace stayed ahead of the kids. This meant they worked incredibly hard all the way through the class - the only time they stopped was when the class had to split into 3 to take turns using the wall for adho mukha vrksasana and pinca mayurasana - and even then they were working on gomukhasana / paschima namaskarasana while they got their breath back. The best part was watching them do a rapid succession of viparita chakrasanas - they made it look like the most natural thing in the world, what could be easier than a reverse roly poly?

Headed home for practice and carried on working on the sirsasana sequence Abhi did yesterday. After many years of balancing in the centre of the room I had been given an upright post to align myself with in sirsasana as part of my medical sequence when I was in the medical classes with Stephanie and Guruji in 2014 (see and 'lost' my headstand - I'd got as far as being near a wall which I use - not for balance - but to bend one leg to the wall so that I can suck the ribs back and the buttocks upward, as well as adjusting more onto the back of the crown of the head. But as Guruji famously said 'Habit is a disease' and I have become completely reliant on this way of doing it - so this trip is my time and space to move on and get out of that nice secure rut.