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Day 8 Gulnaz Forward Bends

First proper night's sleep since arriving in India a week ago. Hurrah! As I was writing the blog last night I started to feel super hot and then really chilly and weak. There are quite a few people here with a bad flu type illness (very likely the Aussie flu that's all over the news). Two of the three people in the flat upstairs have it, as well as poor Kari Ann and none of them can even contemplate getting to classes. It would be disastrous to get it and so I resolved to practice the sequence Guruji gave during the last serious flu epidemic, when things had got so bad that they started banning any uneccesary gathering of people, in an attempt to stop it's progress. I've attached the sequence below incase you don't have it, but it's basically as many different ways to be upside down as possible, for as long as possible! 

Class this evening was taught by the ever-smiley Gulnaz and it was a very fast paced and full-on forward bend sequence with the emphasis on no fuss, no equipment and lots of repetitions. Forward bends come easily to me and so I was able to thoroughly enjoy and indulge myself but I'm guessing it wasn't so much fun for those with problems, though the short holds and lots of repetitions can be good if you're stiff. 

One of the many things I love about Iyengar Yoga is that there are so many different ways to teach and practice. Sometimes the forward bends are taught with meticulous attention to detail, every point insisted upon with exacting precision. Other times with softness - the head on the bolster and the awareness on a blissful breath absorption and at other times still, with great speed and dynamism, perhaps rolling into them from halasana as we saw in the kid's class. So much variety of focus, rhythm, tempo, depth, absorption so that many layers of understanding and energies are cultivated not just a single one-dimensional approach. It is endlessly interesting and engaging. 

I skyped the family after dinner and tried not to feel too sad at all the miles between us - there's a lot to be said for a month away to make us appreciate each other all the more. I am very aware that in order for me to be here, there are people back home who are carrying my can as well as their can, so big thanks to my partner Louis and all the teachers at Eastern Yoga, especially Frances for offering to take over the day to day running of things while I'm away. Blog may become a bit more sporadic now as the internet is not working at the apartment. I have taken a months membership at the Marriott hotel so that I can continue to work on their internet, but can only get there once a day.