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Day 30 - Prachi Pranayama

Penultimate day and I woke up with a big to-do list buzzing around my head. It was strangely quiet all around, partly because I’m now alone in the apartment and partly a lack of the usual shenanigans outside. Didn’t make the slightest difference though, I still awoke very early and realised that adjusting to UK time will be fun as I’m now waking up at exactly the time I usually go to bed. My evening classes next week should be interesting, apologies in advance if I nod off!

I enjoyed a spacious backbend practice, followed by my Diabetes programme, both of which are very energising. It was wonderful to have Sushila’s home cooking after a weekend of eating out at restaurants in Goa. After a swift lunch I headed out to Laxmi Road for the final opportunity to find my daughter a sari, having failed on 3 previous attempts. This time I headed to Kalpana Saree and although I didn’t find anything there, one of their near neighbours came up trumps – it’s a handy thing here that similar retailers group together – so you literally have bicycle shop zone, kitchen shop zone and kids clothing zone etc . Fingers crossed it fits and she likes it – I’m getting very excited that the time to go home and see her is so close.

Heartened by my success I stopped by the Marriott for some work and a quick swim (got to make the most of this sunshine before I return to winter on Thursday). Dimpex is only a 10 minute walk from the Marriott, so that was my next stop, to pick up the studio supplies I had ordered. Sudhir is now stocking a much wider range of Iyengar props, including great cotton ropes, halasana stools (2 types folding and stackable) and good quality chairs. Also offer handmade batik yoga t shirts and shorts which can be personalised for your studio / intensive. I realised I would have too much to carry to walk home, so Sudhir offered me a lift. Assuming he meant in a car I agreed, but of course it was on the back of his bike and so I found myself clinging onto the back of a moped holding onto the yoga props, bolster propped in front of Sudhir, helmetless, zooming through the streets of Pune with a big smile on my face at the unexpected turn of events. 

 You can email Sudhir directly on  

Next stop Handmade to pick up the beautiful saree that Rima has made for me – almost my whole to do list ticked off and still time for a cup of tea before class, Hurrah! Tonight Prachi covered for Rajalaxmi and I was very interested to be taught by her, as she is being mentored by Abhi who will often ask her to demonstrate or teach a pose during women’s class. She always shows great composure and clear teaching in this circumstance. It was pranayama and a nice coherent class – I’m sure she is going to develop into an excellent teacher for the institute. Women’s class in the morning and Sandis Taxi picking me up at 5pm for Mumbai airport and homeward bound.                                                 

Prachi  - Pranayama

  • AMVirasana – 1)Palms Flat 2)Fingers cup shaped to better enable you to dig the shoulder blade in.

  • AMSvanasana – Focus on pressing the shoulder blades into you.

  • AMVirasana

  • AMSvanasana

  • Uttanasana feet apart

  • AMSvasasana – hands up on the ledge or platform (waiting group hands at the wall)

  • AMSvanasana – feet up on the ledge (waiting group feet at the wall) Inner and outer knee push back

  • AMVrksasana – keep lifting yourself UP UP UP! (waiting group paschima namaskarasana)

  • Uttanasana