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October 9th - Rajalaxmi Twists

Well today was a complete wash-out practice wise. Went to bed far too late to contemplate getting up for Prasant, so left Sarah a note to go ahead without me, but still only ended up with about 5 hours sleep. Got up cranky and tired and although practice started well, gave up on it after a couple of hours, before I'd really got to the crucial parts and for once enjoyed a shared meal at a 'normal' time. Gotta take a day off sometimes, right? Sarah had a hankering to go to the University Botanical Gardens, but I still felt too shattered to take on any extra missions so I declined. My mistake! spent the afternoon, having hilarious arguments as Sarah played devil's advocate to drum up a bit of interesting entertainment for herself. Moral of the story is, if Sarah wants to do something, probably best to go along with it ....

We did get some teaching practice in later afternoon so not a total wash out after all. As I'd missed Prasant I rather sheepishly went along to Rajalaxmi's Inter 1 and as per last week, got an extremely thorough basic level class, mainly local people with a few foreigners thrown in. Basic poses, done well and held for a long time with lots of repeats. It was really funny to watch how totally and utterly oblivious Rajalaxmi is to their colourful suffering - lots of panting and groaning with the prolonged stays in the ever deepening twists.

Deliciously tired now, with a special class tomorrow morning to look forward to as we are joining the visiting students in their intensive at a nearby venue.

October 9th - Rajalaxmi Twists

  • Swastikasana Come on the fronts of the thighs (don’t drop the sacrum back), be sharp on the sit bones, shift forward from the pelvic rim and become tall. Invocation to Patanjali and Guru chant.

  • X legs bend forwards This group was new to inter 1 and many had big hump in the back, where the hands were down and the shoulders were up. She moved everybody to a raise – hands on platform, pillar, wall etc. We had to move well away from the raise so that the hips went back and the trunk extended forward. This enabled us to press the shoulder blade in and connect the arm bones into the sockets. Head in line with upper arms. “Walk back with the buttocks, be long from pelvic rim to armpit, shoulder blade deeper into you, don’t push the head inside” Very long stay x 2

  • AMS Take proper distance so that you can get that same LOOONG side trunk and armpit opening. Maintain this long stride as you step the right foot between the palms for Parsvottonasana again long stay, legs should still be like dog pose, draw up and push back.

  • Go back to raise, here she she gave demo of how the front leg hip has to draw back and grip in and the back leg buttock has roll down towards the floor. Parsvottonasana to raise long stay

  • Half Utt to raise feet hip width, tremendous extension of side trunk.

  • AMS Side trunk extension, sit bones away from neck.

  • Step right foot between hands for CCB Parsvott with generous distance, bring left hand across to outside of right leg and right hand to waist Parivrrta Trikonasana frontal thigh push back (both sides with AMS in between) AMS jump to UTT

  • Demo of Parivrrta Trik how hips have to move to generate the turn, back hip has to roll

  • AMS to Parsvott CCB to Parivrtta Trik Take head back and dorsal in so that breastbone moves towards the neck and then the turn can come (Both sides via AMS) AMS jump to Utt.

  • AMS step forwards with leg bent to right angle for Pariv Parsvak bring left elbow across, sternum open to chin and turn (both sides via AMS).

  • Demo at trestle / wall / platform Parivrtta Parsvakonasna wall support start facing into centre of room, bend leg closest to wall and turn body to face wall. We allowed back heel to lift and back hip to roll down in order to turn further. Straighten leg to Parivrtta Trikonasana.