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Abhijata - 12th February 2020 - Forward Bends and Twists

Woke up still feeling ropey and a bit hot, but not a fever , so plodded off to class for 'kill or cure'. I felt exactly on the borderline of needing to do a special sequence - too well to be confined to supine group but perhaps not quite well enough for multiple full arm balances. Opted for sticking with the class and hoping for the best. The subject reminded me a little of a class I did with Guruji and Abhijata back in 2013 - this method of super- concave bottom back rib is the correct way of working for Diabetes (which I have). It's hard work and we had to "Lift UP until the back muscles begin to CRY!!". In the long sirsasana, my tshirt was wet and sweat was falling into my eyes (only ever in Pune!) We worked intently throughout and towards the end of class, Abhi's son came up with Sunita to visit his Mum. So as we stayed in a long sarvangasana, we had the background noise of his chatter and play and I could hear the guy next to me chuckling at his antics (of course us westerners couldn't understand a word). Such a relaxed vibe and I love that Abhi's children aren't forcibly kept away while she is teaching, much happier all round.

After class I headed to the Mariott with Ewa and Svietlana for notes in the sunshine and some swimming. It was really quiet - there's something so delicious about cutting through the soft, still waters of an empty pool. Back in time for a long stretch on the backbender before medical class at 6pm where I was able to work with the same student as last week, so at least I had a good idea of how her programme was to be done and thus felt more useful. Slowly finding my feet.

Got home to find that there is a water problem in the apartment block, so I may be calling around to my near RIMYI neighbours for a shower tomorrow! Also realised that I had completely forgotten about being unwell, so class was 'cure' after all. As usual apologies for mistakes, muddles and omissions, these notes have to pass through the filter of my memory and my own understanding, which may be not what the teacher actually intended Special thanks to Albena who was observing, for sharing her notes with me today X

Abhijata - 12th February 2020 - Forward extensions and twists

Swastikasana for invocation and use the back to lift the back. No part of the back body should fall or drop downwards. Become tall from the back body, either side of the navel there are indentations, lift those indentations UP. Eyes in the eye level.

Adho Mukha Virasana

Adho Mukha Swaskikasana

Adho Mukha Svanasana

Fold the sticky mats in half longways for standing poses

Tadasana paschima namaskarasana – press the palms completely together and roll shoulders backwards, eyes in the eye level.

Now a fairly rapid standing pose sequence, not long holds in the poses and not time for much instruction. So I want you to make the borders of the body FIRM, SHARP, ALERT! Fingertips! Elbows! Knees! Borders of the body, FIRM! (Throughout the sequence, reminders to keep the borders FIRM!) Everything on the right side and then Prasarita Paddottonasana followed by everything on the left.