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Prashant & Sunita - February 14th & 15th 2020 - Pranayama and Inversions

Apologies for no blog post yesterday, there wasn't a great deal to write, so I thought I'd double up today - plus I had the very important business to attend to, of hanging fairy lights in my room to make it more cosy of an evening! Prashant's Pranayama did include a little 'doing' this week, there are a few impressions I came away with written below, from those times when I wasn't peacefully sleeping, mouth open, though hopefully neither dribbling nor snoring ....

Saturday mornings are now Sunita's class (I have finally been given a timetable which shows exactly who is teaching when). This week she went for an inversion's class, which was challenging and informative. Honestly, it was really great teaching and she took the time to make sure everyone in the room had understood the content, answering questions with good humour, patience and clarity, using demonstrations where necessary, so that we could visually see the point.

At one point during, what can only be described as a sirsasana marathon, we went for a variation of sirsasana on the rope, like an inverted tadasana (see pic below). Now since there were only 6 pairs of ropes and a pretty sizeable group, you can imagine how many rounds we had to do to get through everybody. I was one of the very last to get a place and after a short while she got those who had already taken their turn to go back up into classical sirsasana in the centre of the room, while the rest of us waited for our place. There followed one of the toughest sirsasana sequences I've ever done. The reason it was so very tough was we did a lot of variations, but hardest of all was a kind of virasana pindasana variation, where we had to go to parsva virasana and then fold the legs right the way down towards the opposite armpit. Boy, did that take some strength! and I was mindful of the group that had got their place so much earlier on the wall and had been up in sirsasana a loooong time already. Hard, hard work but isn't that what we're here for?

Caron and I spent the afternoon at the prop shop, stocking up on all things yoga to bring back for our respective studios - we were like kids in a sweetie shop! I am trying to find out whether it is possible to get a set of basic wooden halasana stools made with a hinge so that they can fold flat when not in use, as storage is tight at the studio. I think these would be a big winner all round as so many studios have storage issues, plus they'd be much easier to transport home. Watch this space.....

A long facetime with my 12 year old daughter back home, who I am missing powerfully, where we enjoyed comparing fairy lights in our respective bedrooms! Looking forward to a holiday during Easter break with her and she is now off to spend February half term with two of her sisters one studying at Imperial College London and the other Exeter, so that should take her mind off my absence. Getting up early for class at Gulnaz's studio (no Sunday off in this apartment!) so hopefully sleep


The Pickle Van came to Model Colony last night!