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Rajalaxmi - February 18th - Backbends

The sliced banana and grapes suggested by our birdwatching guide worked! So the birds are coming onto the terrace, and a few have tentatively sipped the water, but still too timid to take a bath.

During our first week here we took arm balances in class and the position of the knees on the upper arms, damaged the sensor I had put into my arm for blood sugar reading just the night before. The sensors should last two weeks each, so losing that one has left me short for my month long stay. They are not available locally, so I got my partner to send me one tracked delivery. The tracking worked fine in the UK, I can see it left for Dehli on 8th Feb, but not a dicky bird since it's arrival in India. My current one runs out tomorrow. I went to the post office today - an amazingly rustic and run down building (see pic) - to try and chase it up and spoke to an exceptionally unfriendly, unhelpful person there (come back tomorrow between 9 and 11.30am) so I'm not holding out much hope. If anyone has any idea what to do to remedy the situation, I'm all ears!

More backbends with Rajalaxmi this evening, sequence below

Rajalaxmi – 18th February 2020 – Backbends

Thankyou to Ewa for sharing her notes X

Swastikasana invocation – Don’t overdo, don’t underdo. Fold palms at centre of the chest and move your dorsal towards the folded palms.

Parsva Swastikasana – Turn to the right side, Take your right hand and wrap it around the side chest to turn the rib cage to the right, manually sweep your ribs around. Then use your right hand to sweep the left side of the abdomen to the right side, hand has to make this action so that body underneath then knows what it must do. Lean slightly forward towards the right knee, to move the left back rib IN to the body and sit straight maintaining that contact into the body to turn. Your back rib has to move INTO you. Repeat on left side

AMSwastikasana both crosses – Everyone can extend the back of the body, but can you also extend the front of the body? Move the bottom ribs forward AWAY from the abdomen, armpits long.

AMVirasana – Extend forwards and then draw your top thighs back into the sockets and find out how that makes that back thighs spread. Widen the clavicles to spread the sternum chest.

AMSvanasana – Extend the sides of the trunk and frontal thighs move BACK. Lift the heels and maintain the height as you extend the calf muscles to take the heels down. Walk back into

Uttanasana – feet apart – Concave back – move the sternum forwards, but especially move the bottom rib away from the abdomen – bottom ribs get caught there – can you move them away? Thighs push back and extend chest, sternum and ribs forward and with this extension go down. Fold the elbows and lift the body slightly up to extend the sides of the trunk – push the elbows away from you and then with that length, go down.

Prasarita Paddottonasna – Take the legs apart, be on the outer foot and put hands where the legs meet the pelvis (not hands on the waist) and li