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Abhijata - 27th February 2020 - Restorative and Pranayama

After yesterday's lack of confidence, woke up today feeling depressed and lacklustre and even seriously considered changing my flight to come home tonight. Gave myself a talking to and what a difference a good practice makes! I opted for backbends to lift my mood and realised that despite waking up feeling like an old croc, that actually my body is in a prime state to work on asana. As soon as I got going, I could feel how responsive everything has become after my intensive month of practice here. Go home early? are you kidding!! No, no, no! a couple more days of sunshine and yoga. 5 hours of practice on the terrace followed by a wonderful pranayama class with Abhi.

Dheeraj arrived up to see me at 11am, having spent his morning at the post office sorting through parcels along with 3 other people until he found my parcel containing my arm sensor. At the risk of repeating myself - what an absolute star!! This reminds me of a memorable meal out I had with a group of friends once in Bulgaria, where we eventually realised the only way the food was going to get to the table, was if we cooked it ourselves, so one of our friends got up and did just that and went into the kitchen to muck in.

Abhi's teaching this evening was as wonderful as ever and Satvika came up to visit, so that during our sirsasana the two of them were playing quietly in the corner together and while we lay down for savasana, she was skipping amongst the corpses! This was not in any way disruptive, in fact I only knew for sure that this happened because a friendly note taker who was observing told me. The class focussed on how we bring the mind from a scattered state to a cohesive, one-pointed mind and how this focussed mind reaps benefits in both our yoga and our everyday lives. Throughout the class we paused to feel the state of the body, mind, breath created by the pose we had just completed, so that each stage of the transformation could be observed and understood.

Abhijata - 27th February 2020 – Restorative and Pranayama

Swastikasana Invocation – Without shrinking the lower back, lift up – the lumbar should not narrow when you lift the sides of the body up.

Prasarita Paddottonasana – 4 – 5 mins - Head supported on bolster / blanket etc if it does not rest on the floor. Hit the inner thighs outward and lift the shoulders upward, so that there is not a dead weight on the neck. Widen the back of the thighs so that the legs are stable to hold you there. Breathe in such a manner to relax and quieten – legs have to hold you firmly for the brain to release. Fold the elbows in baddha hastasana so that you are resting on the folded wrists – wrists should be in front of the head where you can see them.

Uttanasana – 4-5 mins - backs of the palms resting on the floor – crown of the head releasing towards the floor, the back of the ears (the area behind the ears) has to roll down from