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Day 2 IYNAUS Autumn Sangha with Abhijata

I'm discovering how different it is to attend an intensive (and blog about it) whilst being in the thick of 'normal' life - quite a different propostion to being in Pune where all of life's responsibilities are lifted off of my shoulders.

Today we had a fantastic standing poses class and we learnt how to do some of the most strenuous poses with an even mind, so that the energy was not depleted. In Virabhadrasana 1 the whole body went back to the spine, so that even while we bent the forward leg, the body was held completely back - like when Tom would put a single paw on Jerry's tail to pin him down as he tried to scamper away! (Abhi's analogy, not mine!!) Virabhadrasana 3 with the anterior body held close to the posterior body and the proper involvement of the back body, was a revelation - not only not tiring, but also the balance was so steady and stable. Abhi explained that Vira 3 is a posterior pose and this gives it a different neuro chemistry. The amount of standing poses we did - and yet somehow still felt fresh at the end - is a testament to the skill of Abhi's teaching.

"Through the asanas you become aware, you expand, you penetrate, you change, you evolve and all this makes us competent to live a happy life. To live a life of sensitivity and receptivity".

Day 2 – IYNAUS Autumn Sangha with Abhijata

Any seated position for invocation – From the anus to the crown of the head align your sitting position – do not push yourself forward. Keep the abdomen and intestines in contact with your spine. Let the mind be stabilised within. Keep the peripheral body up and broad. Mould the body in such a manner that it is possible for the mind to reach within. Don’t shrink. Connect from the inner core to the outer body and from the outer body to the core. Be stable. Be silent.

AMVirasana or Rope AMSvanasana if you have ropes available. Extend well to bring the freedom. Keep the arms a little apart and wherever you find the pain, where it’s sore – learn to release from that area. We need to freshen up the muscular body after yesterday’s work. You have to charge your body and design your AMS to bring back that elasticity. Once in a while raise your head up and stretch yourself further forward.

Uttanasana legs apart, arms by the side and head down. Raise ball of foot on support if calves are sore. Raise the feet up if hamstrings are the problem. If pelvic abdominal area is sore from the jumpings you may want to put the rope for the root of the thigh and extend the sides of the abdomen forwards. You design your uttanasana so that your body is recharged.

Padangusthasana holding the big toes, dorsal concave, feet apart so that the shoulders and clavicles find their place.

Pada Hastasana bending the knees might give you momentary comfort but there is no long-term gain, so instead spread the feet a little wider until you can take the legs straight and then extend the trunk down, extend the chest down, extend the abdominal area down.

Upavista Konasana to bring some relief to the groin / thigh. Extend the back of the leg well. Place your palms by the side of your hips, lift your seat up, extend the legs further, come forward from your hip / sacroiliac area. Parsva Upavista Konasana Be tall and turn the back well.

2 belts supine urdva prasarita padasana, legs spread wide, holding the belts back completely grounded, open up the pelvic groin area. From the groins to the inner edges of the feet, extend yourself well, find the width comes to the pelvic area. This can be done legs against the wall for fatigue / injury.

Supta Padangusthasana 2 From right to left, turn the abdominal area. The sideways leg, move it a little more animatedly so that the pelvic soreness is released (we were bouncing it up and down to get the movement). Open up the soles, open up the arch and stretch the down leg especially, cutting the outer hip IN. Give your body a wake-up call!

Prasarita Paddotonasana Legs apart, hands down, head down. Stamp the outer edges of your feet well, inner thighs to the outer thighs, hit out.

Sirsasana (alternative viparita dandasana) Extend your back body upwards, eyes looking straight and from the buttock to the heel stretch yourself up well.