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Day 15 - Abhijata Advanced Class Backbends.

My back was still feeling a bit vulnerable this morning , but thankfully it is okay with backbends so I was able to join the class. We started with inversions and Sirsasana where we were guided to work the legs so effectively, the brain could take a back seat and remain passive in the pose. We then worked through Chair Viparita Dandasana, Urdhva Dhanurasana and Dwi Pada Viparita Dandasana from the floor and dropping back from Sirsasana, with Pinca Mayurasana dropping back to the grille as the finale. We had a long Sarvangasana where she jokingly told us that we couldn't come down until we had each come up with ten instructions we would give to ourselves or our students to improve Jalandhara Bandha. However the catch was, we had been guided to to switch the sense organs off and quieten the brain, so there was no way my brain was going to comply with this request, just have to stay there all day I guess. The class ended with Setubandha on the bench, but sadly I knew my back was on the verge of going into spasm and had to skip it, so while the others were radiating the consciousness from the centre of the chest to every corner of their being , I was lying in Prone Akunchunasana to give my back a chance to relax and recover!

I skipped lunch out with the gang to get home and write up the class notes while they were still fresh in my mind and then headed back to the institute to assist in the medical class. However when Abhi spotted me, I was very touched to be offered the chance to receive some therapy myself for my back. After class I reflected on the changes at RIMYI over the last few years. They have happened gradually, but alongside the improvements to the facilities and new bolsters etc there is a real change in the culture of the organisation as a whole - it's welcoming, friendly and joyful to be a part of and this creates a great atmosphere for learning.

Day 15 – Abhijata Advanced Class - Backbends

  • Swastikasana for invocation.

  • AMVirasana

  • AMSvanasana – if you want to lift the heels to create the length, I don’t mind. You are preparing for Sirsasana, so with that knowledge choose the actions that will prepare your body.

  • Uttanasana.

  • AMVrksasana 2 or 3 times.

  • Pinca Mayurasana 2 or 3 times.

  • Sirsasana –First of all observe the length of the inner body, the central channel and the sides of the trunk and find out which is longer? You will fin