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Day 27 - Final Post Rajalaxmi Pranayama

'Pretty in Pink'

My last day in India! It was bittersweet as I enjoyed my final peppermint tea and pranayama as the sun rose above Hanuman Tekdi Hill and the palms around the terrace bustled with life. I can't wait to see my family and jump in an ice cold lake, but so sorry to lose the space to practice yoga to my heart's content, all day, every day if I wish. Sigh.

I headed into RIMYI for personal practice today as I wanted to catch Abhi before I left. As I walked in, she was at Guruji's trestle performing a beautifully open Trikonasana with a dazzling smile.

Along with my observations of other people's practice, my instinct is whispering at me to go beyond my usual daily practice into new territories and more challenging poses and I have felt the postive imprint of that all through the day today. This is just as well, as tomorrow is a 'yoga drought' I will be up and out of the door at 5.30am and travelling all day, so this imprint will need to see me through.

As the fierce heat of the day had softened, I decided to walk to Rajalaxmi's class and met these three beautiful ladies who I've been longing to photograph all month as they sit and pass the time in the same spot at the same time each day. They graciously accepted my request to take a picture and then all wanted to have a good look at it before allowing me to go on my way.

As I crossed the honking, screeching, chaotically weaving traffic on the busy main road like a seasoned pro, I realised I have come a long way