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Day 4 - Advanced Class - Sunita

Apologies, no blog yesterday as there was no evening intermediate class for me to attend, only Prashant's 7am which was too early for me after staying up late to write the blog (it's basically your fault, right?!). I had a restful morning instead and headed into the institute at 11am to complete my registration for the month, with the 'new Pandu' otherwise known as Kunal, who is an absolute treat to deal with and very much part of the friendlier, more welcoming face of RIMYI.

This morning we had advanced class with Sunita who taught a hybrid class with online as well as live participants. She asked us to chant silently along with her, which meant that it was just her unfiltered voice that we heard which was lovely - she chants beautifully. As ever, there was a slight sense of trepidation about how tough the class might be and we certainly

started off with intense work in AMSvanasana using the crown of the head as a fulcrum, placing it on the floor which required a deep opening of the shoulders and armpit region, causing a bit of puffing and panting of the kind you might have heard in the old days, with Geetaji's 'Do or Die' approach, quickly followed by a very long stay in Trikonasana, endeavouring to maintain the spinal length and sense of openess we had created in AMS. However from here onwards there was plenty of recovery time as she got into more detailed explanations of the learning. She said that when Guruji was alive, he would not have wasted time with talking and instead he would explain learning behind the teaching to those who gathered around him in the library later in the day. The focus for today was how to do the asanas for acidity and digestive problems (full sequence below).

Day 4 – Sunita Advanced Class