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Day 9 - Eka Padas with Gulnaz

Early start today for Rajalaxmi's pranayama where we sat quietly for viloma inhalations and exhalations, preparing the body with a very active bolster setubandha, charging the body with life. We had to grasp the outer edges of the mat and stamp the shoulders down to lift the back ribs / shoulder blades up and then lifting the feet off the floor and stretching the sacrum along with the legs parallel to the floor for 5 breaths up, 5 breaths down so that with the legs level, the mula bandha action could be experienced.

After class I walked through the park and visited my favourite fruit seller from years gone by when I have stayed in Karishma's apartments just on the other side of the park

He didn't disappoint - beautiful gigantic sweet strawberries and gorgeous figs all without any plastic wrapping. I took some time to soak up the peaceful atmosphere of the park and then strolled home for peppermint tea and more pranayama followed by a delicious strawberries, figs and papaya made even tastier with the juice of a nimbu (sweet lime) squeezed all over.

There was a festive air in Pune today as it is a sacred day named Sankashti Chaturthi dedicated to the worship of Lord Ganesha. Lots of people queuing to make their offerings to the many shrines of Ganesh around the city and balconies bedecked with fairy lights. Not sure whether the guy who sang his way down our street was also connected to this, or whether this was just a random act of song!