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Day Off and Day 13 Leg Work and Forward Extensions with Rajalaxmi

Sue and I headed off early to the market at Tulsi Baug to beat the heat of the day and hopefully avoid the worst of the crowds. Pune takes a relaxed approach to Sunday mornings and many places were still closed, so we watched it all unfold as doors were unlocked and tables full of wares were set out all around. The market is a feast for the senses- so much to see and experience and sometimes (as in above pic) you can see the vendors creating the goods they are selling. I always buy all my kitchen stuff in India and Sue commented that it may be the happiest she has ever seen me as I sorted through the treasure trove of stainless steel implements in one of the many kitchen shops!

As the heat of the day started to get too much, we spotted an intriguing doorway just off of one of the main bustling alleyways. The moment you stepped into the passageway a palpable change in atmosphere could be felt - cool and calm - it was a hidden square with a wooden temple in the middle. A gallery of market scenes below for those that are interested.