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Days 19 and 20 - Day Off and Rajalaxmi Backbends

Another thoroughly enjoyable Sunday, with a morning of pranayama and asana practice followed by a long afternoon socialising at the pool and dinner out at Tales and Spirits. As we walked to the the Mariott we passed a celebration where all the guests were dressed in white wwith bright orange head pieces and this gentleman was oozing good humour and warmth as he volunteered to pose for a photo.

As we approach the end of the month, it is getting seriously hot, now hitting 36 degrees and I found that even before I'd done anything this evening, the sweat was trickling down the back of my thighs and pooling in the back of my knees - it was a great relief when someone turned the ceiling fans on.

Rajalaxmi taught a backbend class which focussed on keeping the bottom sternum into the body and spreading to the sides so that the top sternum could properly lift and spread. This made for much quieter backbends and I felt sober after the class rather than overstimulated. She pointed out the picture of Guruji in Ustrasana (and in Dwi Pada Viparita Dandasana) and noted how the back and front of the chest are parallel to each other. There were a few chuckles and gasps of disbelief as she kept us an extraordinarily long time in Salabhasana and particularly in Dhanurasana as she got distracted and started chatting! I was pleased to see my resilience has built up and that along with the quietening way she was instructing the pose meant I was able to stay. I was able to join in with the whole class and no problem with my back at all - hooray!

Day 20 – Rajalaxmi Backbends