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Days 5 and 6 - Day off and Standing Poses with Rajalaxmi

Behind the red door is a shrine to the Godess Lakshmi which this friendly lady invited us inside to see.

Oh what a lovely couple of days it's been. Sunday is a day off (unless you want to go and observe the children's class) and we really made the most of it. I started with a leisurely practice on the rooftop terrace and enjoyed lying on my back looking up at the many birds of prey circulating on the thermals in different tiers, much like the planes at

Heathrow when they are vertically stacked waiting for a landing spot, interspersed with the occasional green parrot squawking past at speed.

Then myself, Judy and Sue went for lunch at a place I'd not been to before, called Tales and Spirits over near SB Road. It has an unusual and varied menu and beautifully presented food - plenty of oohs and ahs when Sue's came out sizzling on its own mini grill and top-dressed with edible pink flowers. And as ever lovely to be able to treat yourself to all the luxuries without the crazy price tag this would have created back home.