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Stella Azzurra - Bowen Therapist

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Bowen Therapy (or Bowen Technique) is a modality of treatment for the body, working on muscles, tendons and peripheral nerves. A few moves with very little pressure rebalance the body and restore self-healing power. Moves stimulate a response in the brain that normalises patterns in the body.   Treatments may help alleviate the pain and stress associated with:

  • Allergies

  • Back problems

  • Bowel and digestive problems

  • Fatigue

  • Fluid retention

  • Frozen shoulder

  • Headaches

  • Migraines and sinus problems

  • Knee & hip misalignment

  • Pelvic tilt & leg length

  • Sports injuries

  • Foot problems

  • Poor mobility

  • Respiratory problems

  • Skeletal & Muscular imbalances

  • Stress, Baby and childhood problems.


Relief after just the first session and significant resolution or recovery within three sessions are not uncommon. However, chronic or long-standing conditions or repeat injury may require additional treatments and if symptoms do not resolve, you should see your doctor.

A treatment can be done on skin or light clothing, you may be asked to remove heavy or thick garments. 


I am a Full Registered Member of the Bowen Association UK. I have completed my training with Bowtech and I undertake CPD (Continuing Professional Development) every year. I have a Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology and hold an up-to-date First Aid certificate. I am fully insured with Holistic Insurance.
I have a calm, empathetic approach and a strong interest in the latest medical research on fascia. My background in Dance has helped me develop a deep understanding of the body and movement, also in relation to emotional stress and postural habits. 

Treatment cost £40


For more info visit my website or contact me by phone 07963 250310 or email

Bowen Therapy is gentle and yet very powerful, if you have never tried it before why not booking an appointment now and try it for yourself!

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